Advanced analytics for fleet management

We employ high technology and machine-learning algorithms to deliver a state-of-the-art solution for safety, performance and costs control.


Target developed a system for smart transportation that provides real time visibility of fleet and performance. Using automotive telemetry as a source of information, we combine skills, knowledge and cutting-edge technology to provide logistic companies with the latest applications in the market.

By tracking vehicle, driver and payload, we enable our customers to improve fuel efficiency, lower maintenance costs and accomplish optimal resource deployment. Our advanced solution allows access to a series of items, such as vehicle speed, time behind the wheel, driving beyond permitted hours, monitoring of acceleration and hard braking, sharp curves, fuel consumption, driver identification, among others. The parameters can be customized according to the needs of each business.

With the insights provided, it is possible to establish ideal speed for dry weather or rain, create collision warning systems, block the use of vehicles by unauthorized persons, track location, identify unauthorized or wrong fuel, manage mandatory stops for meals and so much more. Overall, the combination of data can help your business to verify compliance, prevent risks, identify critical points and determine procedures to be changed.

Main benefits

Maximum logistical control of fleet, cargo and passengers
Increase in quality of services
Decrease in fuel consumption
Control of carbon emissions
Reduction in risk of accidents
Extension of useful life of tires, brakes and lubricants
Reduction of operational costs
Real time visibility of fleet and performance